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Thanks for your earlier input and for pointing me to A-759 but the C.G. Ranges shown are not clear to me.   eg. is it +10.9 to +21.5  or is it +14.1 to + 17.9  (standard arrangement)
None of the arms shown in A-759 agree with my weight and balance arms.  eg, pilot seat at 11.5 (mine 17), passenger at 42(mine at 44) Fuel tank at -15 (mine at-12)  oil at -33 (mine at -31), baggage at 64 (mine at 66)

My weight and Balance is from the A&P IA who signed off on the plane at completion of it's restoration.  The main wheels show an arm of   +/-0 which must mean they are even with the wing leading edge.  The tailwheel has an arm of + 183" Empty weight is 797#

Your thoughts are welcome


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  From my last posting, website full of info


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