[f-AA] Good Year to Cleveland wheels and brakes

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I just talked with the Madelyn Green about the Bodell brakes. It looks
like they are about one year away from the PMA and at present have no
STC for the Champ. Might be able to get field approval. Their conversion
sounds like it will be a great deal. Wheels and brakes will run about
$725 when they can bring them to market. It will be fun following their
progress. I wish them the best. Nice people. Doug Tipps

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Another solution for the brake problem is to install a brand new STCed
Bodell brakes.  Talk to Jim Greene 770-446-6797.  He is the Source for
Bodell and also has most any brake part you need for any other brake
Cy Galley - Aeronca Aviators Club
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Can you find the hydraulic brakes that go with your DHB's? This is what
came as an option on the 7EC and 7GC. You will still have to find
hydraulic cylinders. The Cleveland 10-20 or 10-5 will work. The 10-5 was
used on early Citabrias. SAR has the drawings you need. Ask for 7-1077
and 7-1078. The best way would be to find a wrecked Citabria that had
heel brakes and buy the works.
You will need to get a 337, but I have found that the factory drawings
showing the installation make this easy.
Richard in Creswell

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I want to thank the group for all the help concerning the Good Year to
Cleveland wheel and brake problem. I know enough now to be even more
specific about my problem. 
Under a 337 some years ago my 1946 Champ got a set of Good Year wheels
and mechanical disk brakes. During  restoration I discovered one of the
wheels was cracked, badly, I might add. So, do I look for a new outer
half of a Good Year wheel or purchase the Safe Air Cleveland wheel and
brake conversion, I thought I had a mid way fix in that I have two
Cleveland DHB 3 wheels that came off a Tri Pacer. I understood that
these were the same as the DMB wheels. But I can't find the Cleveland
mechanical brakes to go with them. This is the fix that I prefer if it
really is an option. But Safe Air's customer service discouraged this
solution on the basis of finding brake parts. I was just not prepared to
spend $2,200 on the Safe Air conversion. 
So I am still stuck on knowing what to do. I would prefer finding a Good
Year wheel half for right now. Unless someone can help me know how to
use the Tri Pacer wheels and a source for mechanical brakes to go with
The group has been invaluable to me with advice and direction during
this rebuild. I have over one hundred pages of printed out responses
filed for future and constant reference. I am about two months away from
finishing this project. Thanks guys. 
Doug Tipps

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I realize this thread was closed by the orginal author, but I can't
I have been the "victim" of two cracked wheel halves on two Champs in
the past 90 days.   

The first was found at annual on a Cleveland wheel with conventional,
mechanical brake.  Duane Ideus saw my search for a wheel half on the fAA
list and had an extra which he sold me at a very fair price.  He also
sent along a couple of bottles of his barbeque sauce in the box.  The
wheel half fit and I was good to go.   

The second cracked wheel was found a few weeks ago at annual on a
Goodyear wheel with disc brakes .  I couldn't find a serviceable wheel
on the list but I didn't look too hard.  Preferred Air Parts of Kidron
OH had a New Old Stock (NOS) wheel at $295 plus shipping.  No sauce
included.  The cracked wheel half was the last repair item on a project
that I have been on for several months.  I'm so far over budget on this
that I just bought the new half. 

Goodyear brakes require 4 disc retainer clips (part number 9523482)
which are available from Aircraft Spruce at about $65 each.  Used clips
are almost unobtainable.  And even more troublesome, there are at least
3 designs for the clips.  If you do your own repairs this may not
present a problem.  I didn't find the crack and the A&P who is does my
annuals will not sign off on a home-made parts or repairs, no matter how
nicely done.   Safe Air Repair in Minnesota will soon be a source of one
type of clip.  Joe at SAR sent me a set of prototype clips but these
have a square hole for the device that attaches the clip to the wheel.
My wheel takes another attachment- called a Dot Fastener by Goodyear
(Part Number 955383.)  Finding the wheels and proper parts for the
Goodyears has taken several weeks and many hours of searching the web
and calling around.  If anyone want to know more about my search and
where I finally got the parts, email me off list. 

My experience with the Goodyear disc brakes is that they ARE NOT any
better than the Cleveland mechanicals in turning or holding a 7AC at
run-up.  In fact, of the two aircraft I have flown, the Clevelands are
better than the Goodyears.  But other pilots with much, much more
experience than I are always amazed that the Cleveland brakes work so
well.  I wouldn't go to the trouble of finding a complete set of
Goodyears to replace one cracked half on an otherwise good set of

Dan VanderMeer 
8NC8 Durham NC 


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