[f-AA] Toe brake STC

Joe Preston Joe at Preston-Company.com
Mon Jun 25 06:27:29 PDT 2007

Hi Wayne,
You might want to check with WAG on the toe brake STC. I know they have
drawings for the 7AC conversion. It may apply to the 11AC as well. Give Mike
a call. He will know for sure.
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  We have a great FSDO here in Spokane and they have been very helpful in
getting us through all the paperwork and ferry permits, etc.  they have been
unable to locate any records before 1979 and we have all the records since
then.  It went through
        should be May 10, not April 10
   a major restoration in 95, and no record of brakes changed then.
  We don't know the N number it used to have, it is serial number 1108, 11AC
  The info you fellows have provided will help, I'm sure.
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    Let me make at least part of it easy for you. The 11CC had toe brakes as
    As well some of the 11BC's had toe brakes from the factory, so the brake
pedals and
    such are on the TCDS. The toe brake pedals are the same ones used on the
    Sedan. Granted they were cable mechanical brakes on the Chief but at
least the
    pedals and such should be factory items.

    I know of a gent in El Paso who has toe hyd brakes on his Chief. They
    bought a set of hyd brakes and wheels from ACS and installed them on the
    using a field approval.

    Agree with the comments about getting the history on the bird from the
FAA and
    looking there first.

    Joe A

    On 22 Jun 2007 at 17:37, WAYNE KESTER wrote:

    > Hello,
    > Another man and I just purchased an Aeronca Chief 11AC and in the
process of importing it back
    > into the US from Canada, have to get the toe brakes approved. The
Chief went to Canada in
    > 1979 and we are bringing it back to the US. The US logs were lost
while in Canada so there is no
    > record of the brakes being installed. They are Bendix brakes with
hydraulics, not the original
    > mechanical heel brakes. Anyone know of a field approval or STC
concerning this type of brake
    > installation?
    > Any help will be much appreciated.
    > Wayne

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