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We have several (5-7) people on the NAA forum who are actively working on 
getting the McDowell Aero Safety Starters working on their airplanes at this time. 
This starter was used on various airplanes after WW2 and I have been told that it 
was installed on just about every 11AC sold by Aeronca for a long time. Course 
about 99% of those were removed to save weight and complexity in the last 70 

Might look here for a lot more info:


The hard to find parts other than the starter itself is the notched ring that bolts on 
the crankshaft, the plate that the starter itself bolts onto on the front of the engine, 
as well as the bracket that mounts on the side and bottom of the engine that guides 
the cable assy. We have several people making some of these parts for us so if you 
are interested might pop over and give it a look. 

The handle in the cockpit is used to simply rotate or spin the prop and thus the 
crankshaft past where the impulse on the magnetos fire and if the engine is ready to 
start hopefully it will. You have to get the engine "ready to start" by priming it and 
rotating it by hand beforehand. 


On 12 Sep 2007 at 8:28, Bob Hartman wrote:

> Fearless ones,
> Steve Briggs says I could put a McDowell starter on the A-75 
> in the Pixie with modifications to the cowl.
> Does anyone have a picture or diagram of the installation that 
> can be shared ? I have heard of the starters since I have 
> been with the fAA but I have no idea how they work or how 
> they are installed.
> If no pics or diagrams I would appreciate a word description.
> Thanks in advance forany help you can furnish.
> Bob

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